Getting Around

Thank you for stopping by.  If you are new here Welcome Home! This page can help you navigate our church.

Choosing Worship



A traditional worship service in the Sanctuary is held every Sunday at 10:00am. Entering from the main entrance of the building will you will be greeted by a friendly face and can walk directly into the Sanctuary.

If you love a good traditional service you will fit rite in. The hymns and feel are welcoming and comfortable.



A more contemporary service is held Sunday mornings at 11:15am in the fellowship hall. You can come through the main entrance or come in through the smaller back entrance. Both are visible from the back parking lot. In any case once you enter the building take a right and follow that hall until it ends.

We gather around round tables and a variety of drinks and snacks are available as you enter. Feel free to refresh your plate at anytime. Also this is a great service to share with your children if you choose to keep them close. Bringing reading or coloring books is always an option here and noise doesn’t bother us a bit. Kids and adults of all ages will enjoy the music  and openness of this service.


We have them and groups are a great way to find your place here. From study to social groups small and large. These are welcoming places to get and be known. Visit our Groups Page for information