DVC Basics

What is DVC

Disney Vacation Club (DVC) is Disney’s version of a time share program. There are currently 2 beach resorts on the east coast, 1 resort near Disney Land, 1 resort in Hawaii and 8 resorts at Walt Disney World. DVC members can also use their membership at over 500 locations around the world.

How do I join DVC

You become a member by purchasing a real estate interest in one of the DVC resorts. Unlike some time share programs you are not required to purchase a fixed week (though you can in 2 of the resorts) but instead purchase points that are exchanged for accommodations at any of the DVC resorts. The more points a member owns the more options there are. For example a family wanting to travel once a year in a studio room would not need as many points as a family wanting to travel longer or in a larger accommodation. The official DVC membership information website can be found here.

DVC does finance point purchases up to 10 years with a 10% down payment.

How many points would I need

There are point charts that can help you determine an appropriate number of points for your needs. but here are some helpful hints: (or skip to the “Bottom Line” at the bottom of this page)

  • Members can bank and borrow points from the years surrounding the travel dates. So members wanting to use their membership every third year would only need to purchase 1/3 of the required points for the wanted accommodation. This would also mean that members wanting to travel every other year would only need to purchase 1/2 of the required points for the wanted accommodation.
  • As expected it takes more points to travel during peak seasons then during other times of the year. If you have flexibility you may need fewer points.
  • To use some exchange options (non DVC resorts) a minimum number of points is required. Currently 160 points can get a week in some resorts for a one bedroom exchange.

Sample point needs:

Here are samples of points needed for a one week stay in the lowest point periods of 2014 and the Summer (Points are higher during holiday periods). As you can see a family with flexibility to travel in the off season and staying in a value studio would require many fewer points than choosing the Summer in the most costly resort.


 Low Season

 Summer Season


 69 – 148

95 – 199

One Bedroom

119 – 296

 188 – 407

Two Bedroom

 185 – 407

243 – 551

 Grand Villa

 501 – 824

 477 – 1174

Keep in mind that rooms with low point requirements book quickly. The points required change based not only on the time of year and resort but also available views.

Bottom Line: I tell folks wanting to join but not wanting to get in over their head to look at no less than 120 points. This would get a week in the Summer in a standard view room at Animal Kingdom Lodge, Old Key West, Saratoga Springs, Boardwalk, Hilton Head and Vero Beach. (It takes up to 200 points for the remaining resorts based on view)


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