Buying / Selling Points

Buying Points

Points are available for purchase from Disney directly or from current members on the aftermarket. Buying points from Disney costs more, however, the points purchased directly may be financed for up to 10 years with a 10% down payment. Financing may make the purchase manageable for those without a lot of cash.

Additionally only points purchased directly from Disney can be used for certain exchanges including the concierge collection and Disney collection.

There are several websites that facilitate selling points on the aftermarket. Points can cost much less but buyers may need to present cash for the sale plus closing costs. Aftermarket points can be used for stays at all DVC resorts and most exchange options.


Selling points

Members can sell their points through several websites. Commissions and fees vary so shop around. Members may also reach out to Disney when trying to sell points. If there is a waiting list for points at the resort a member is selling they will often buy them back at the original selling price.


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