Renting Points

DVC members in need of points or have some that may expire often consider renting them. This practice is common and there are many websites that facilitated rentals.

After a price, date(s) and payment arrangement is made there are two options for managing the rented points

1) Direct reservations

In this case the member owning the points will contact Member Services and make the reservation in the renters name.  This is the quickest way to complete a reservation transaction. The owner of the points will need all names, address information and flight info (if using DME) to complete the reservation process. This works just like a regular booking.

2) Transfer Points

In some cases DVC members choose to transfer points from one account to another. This allows the renter to make their own reservations, make changes to reservations and use the points as if they are their own. This is the safest option for both parties however both parties will be required to contact member services to facilitate the transfer. Members will need each others member number when contacting member services.

Things to remember when transferring points

  • DVC member may only participate in one transfer per use year
  • Points retain their original use year
  • Transferred points are for one use only. The original owner will have use of all future points

It is important to remember that DVC does not condone the renting of member points and will not engage in resolving disputes for rented points. Additionally points purchased using the Cast Member Discount cannot be rented.


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