Reservation Tips

Making reservations online at is easy and for some of us even fun. It makes checking dates and resorts less stressful because you don’t have to discuss all of your options with a cast member.

If you have more than one group of people joining you over the course of a vacation and are using Magical Express then you will need to break your reservation into two or more segments.  Remember Magical Express seats are capped at the number of allowed guests per room. Breaking your reservation into segments can help you acquire more DME seats.

When you have more than one reservation number because of breaking a trip into segments or because of adding a night or because of using a waitlist you should call member services at 1-800-800-9800 and ask them to link the reservations. If you fail to take this step you could be asked to change rooms during your stay.

It is also important to discuss the situation with hotel cast upon arrival. When you check in make sure the key cards list the entire trip dates on them. If not the reservations are not properly linked.

Finally remember that like all resorts some guests get upgraded rooms upon arrival. There are many reasons this could happen and it happens with DVC members in DVC resorts with view options.

If you are given an upgrade (often without knowing it until you are in the room) and your reservations are not linked properly you may be asked to move on the day your reservation number changes.

DVC member services in unsympathetic  to members being asked to move due to an upgrade or broken reservations. Resort cast are your best bet for resolving reservation issues once you have arrived.


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