About us


United Christian Church has a very unique history.  In the early 1900’s, Central Christian Church (Kettering), birthed a new congregation on the west side of Dayton, West Side Church of Christ in 1902.  This congregation grew and relocated twice in its history.  Their first building was located on Williams Street.  In 1928 they purchased property and relocated on the corner of Mercer and Summit.  In 1948 the congregation relocated to Hillcrest Avenue and Changed their name to the Hillcrest Christian Church.

In 1913, a second congregation was birthed out of Central Christian Church and was located on Santa Clara Avenue, near Main Street.  It also grew and flourished.

In 1968, Central Christian Church, Hillcrest Christian Church and Santa Clara Christian Church birthed a new congregation, Northwest Christian Church, which eventually was located on Denlinger Road, near the Salem Mall.

In 1986 the Hillcrest and the Santa Clara congregation came together to form the United Christian Church.  The new congregation was first housed in the Hillcrest building and retained the minister of the Santa Clara Christian Church.

In 1994, United Christian Church decided to relocate to its present location on Hoke Road.  A building was constructed and dedicated in 1995.

In 2003, the debt on the Hoke Road property was paid off, and a decision to expand was made.  Also in 2003, merger talks began with the Northwest congregation.  On January 1, 2004 United and Northwest formally merged.  In February 2004, we dedicated our new addition.

United Christian Church strives to live up to its name.  We are United, not only because three congregations have become one, but we are United in our mission and in our dedication Christ, Jesus, Our Lord.

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